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With SAT School Day and Decision Day on the horizon, your offices will continue to buzz as juniors get ready to take the SATs and seniors bring in their acceptance letters. This newsletter edition focuses on how to support students with making strong match postsecondary decisions. Based on a report released by the Consortium on Chicago School Research, students who attend strong match colleges and postsecondary programs earn degrees or certificates at higher rates. When supporting students with making their postsecondary decisions, students should consider the key elements of match including graduation rates, affordability, and student success supports. Use the citywide match tool with students to compare graduation rates. Encourage students to use an award letter comparison tool or a worksheet to help students assess affordability. Consult with this loan guide from the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) for tips to consider when taking out loans. Help students enroll in student success programs like the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP), Accelerate, Complete and Engage (ACE), and other student supports. Thank you for your tireless dedication to our students and their postsecondary dreams!

Mar. To-Do List:

✓ Staff: Consult with the Coordinator and Instructional Toolkits to help school staff prepare for SAT School Day.
✓ 11th Graders: Remind your juniors to set up and link their College Board and Khan Academy accounts.
✓ 12th-grade: Support seniors with making postsecondary decisions by May 1st. Use this the citywide match tool to compare graduation rates,  award letter comparison tool to assess affordability and consult with this loan guide
✓ 9th-11th graders: Discuss summer plans with students; offer advice on activities and internships in which they can participate.
✓ Staff: Set up Junior workshops and meetings to map out an action plan for a successful application process next fall.
12th graders: Support seniors with advocacy calls for opportunity programs, verification process and assist students in beginning to fill out the NYS DREAM Act eligibility application (which will need to be finalized once students have graduated and can submit evidence of graduation).

News you can use Bulletin:

✎ Sign-up for National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) 2020 Advocacy Meeting. Attendees will learn more about the education policy landscape, develop their advocacy skills, and meet with elected officials to advocate for NACAC’s policy priorities. 

✎ Updates regarding New York State DREAM Act Eligibility Application:

  • Seniors can now apply for the 2020-21 academic year at
  • The application does require students to identify their NYS high school. Ensure students use the correct school name. 
  • Students do not need to upload any documents to apply for TAP. Use the TAP Award estimator to estimate grant awards.
  • Students who upload a current transcript will be given an estimate of their award eligibility. Awards will not be confirmed until proof of graduation is provided.





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