Apr./May Edition

Greetings! We hope that you, your school community and your loved ones are all safe and well. During these unprecedented times, we want you to know that the College and Career Planning Team is committed to supporting you and your school’s postsecondary planning efforts. In response to changes in the Postsecondary Planning landscape, and to the Mayor and Chancellor’s shared commitment to provide our high school seniors with one-to-one counseling and support for their college and career aspirations, our team has developed a cohesive communication, data and professional development strategy for an extended Decision Campaign from now through the end of June.

Undoubtedly, your efforts to celebrate student decisions will look different this year. However, over the past several years you have worked diligently to develop a systems approach and elevate this work in New York City. Together, we have built capacity across the district that has strengthened postsecondary planning culture, focused our college and career advising to include finding the right match, and incorporated data tracking to monitor progress on postsecondary planning milestones.  

Thus, more than ever, our students need us and this is our time to help them shine.  In this edition, we are highlighting several resources to kick off this year’s Decision Campaign. A huge thank you for always being the first responders to our students’ needs and their postsecondary planning dreams!  

Postsecondary Planning Resources 

Educator Resources 

Student Events

  • Encourage students to attend the Multilingual Mondays: The College Search Workshop en Español hosted by NYCDOE Division of Multilingual Learners.
  • Encourage students to attend the ROAM-NYC Virtual Admissions Workshops.

Stay Connected 

  • Join our professional learning community! Attend our weekly Virtual Office Hours every Wednesday at 10 am or 2 pm.   

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