July 8- Summer Update

We hope you are having a safe and restful summer! Although many of you are on summer break, our team will provide timely updates via this email listserv to keep you informed about changes and current events happening in the postsecondary planning landscape. Please note there will be no required action items on your end. In this update, we are highlighting the College Bridge for All Expansion, Future Ready Power Hour for Rising Seniors, and other summer enrichment activities for students.

The launch for the College Bridge for All Expansion is in full swing and coaches are doing their first wave of outreach to Class of 2020 seniors. Senior graduates who have not yet updated their information can verify their contact information by visiting bit.ly/classof2020nyc. Additionally, the first summer Future Ready Summer Series for Class of 2021 will also take place next Wednesday 7/15. If you are working during the summer, please encourage your rising seniors and their families to register. This series will provide rising seniors and juniors with guidance on how to create lists, find the right match when applying postsecondary pathways, tips on financial planning, essay writing and preparing the fall application season. 

Lastly, the Postsecondary Readiness Team within the Division of Multilingual Learners is providing a Summer Global Ready Academy for high school Multilingual Learners and English Language Learners (ELLs) to support their college and career journeys. This program is open to ELL students in 9-12 grades, encourage students to complete the interest form. Below are additional resources for students and educators.

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