Sept. 3 – Summer Update

Greetings! As you close out your summer break, our team is sending you one last summer update. Please note there will be no required action items on your end. This week’s final summer update highlights the importance of wellness, strength in community, and resources for students.

During these times of uncertainty, budget cuts, collective loss, fight for Black life and social justice, it is extremely important to keep our wellness and strength in community at the forefront. We must continue to fill our own cups by prioritizing our wellness and checking in with our loved ones. We also encourage you to check out the following virtual wellness resources: CDC – Mental Health Resources, Mental Health First Aid Resources, and Social Work Mental Health Resource Directory and share them with your students. 

Right alongside the uncertainty we are facing is the certainty that our job is to remind our students that their lives matter, affirm them in pursuing their purpose, and in accessing opportunities that will help them achieve their dreams. As part of this collective effort, the College Bridge For All Expansion Program will continue to run throughout the month of September; 2020 Graduates can continue to find and reach out to their College Bridge coaches for matriculation and transition support.  Additionally, last week we hosted the fourth Future Ready Summer Series live webinar for Classes of 2021 and 2022. The session helped students to brainstorm and articulate their personal essays and stories. Our special guest Eathan Sawyer, also known as the founder of The College Essay Guy, provided guidance on how to begin crafting their stories. Students who missed this session can watch the recording and check out the prior sessions as well.

Lastly, we want to close out the summer by reminding you of all that we have accomplished as a collective in the past two years. Watch our Level Up video which was showcased at a National Postsecondary Strategy Institute gathering last week to celebrate our collective work and collaboration across central teams. We could not have achieved this magic without you! So we hope the video serves as a reminder that our strength lies within our community and that we will continue to serve you and our students. We encourage you to stay connected via this listserv to learn about changes in the postsecondary planning landscape, professional development, and student opportunities. Below you will find more news updates, student and educator resources. We hope you have a restful Labor day weekend and look forward to working with you in the coming school year!

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