Financial Planning Month is almost here!

Greetings! The College and Career Planning Team (CCPT), commits to providing you bi-weekly updates, student-level data tools and a College and Career Planning Point to support your school community, no matter where you are working from. In this edition, we focus on what your school team can do to help students with financial planning and applying for financial aid. All of our students need support with creating a financial plan and building money management skills regardless of their postsecondary goals.

To that end, we are dedicating the month of November to highlight the importance of financial planning. Applying for financial aid is part of the financial planning process and a crucial step for students applying to college. As stated in the Education Trust New York Financial Aid toolkit, extensive research shows that high schools play an important role in helping low-income, immigrants, and first-generation students complete the FAFSA and other state financial aid applications. […] Let’s continue to encourage our students to complete these important forms to ensure they receive every single dollar of the financial aid for which they qualify.

Use the How-to Guide for High School Students on FAFSA to support seniors in completing the FAFSA and TAP. Make a copy of this FAFSA Deck Template to help you conduct financial aid presentations to students and families. Additionally, college and career point designees can access real-time FAFSA and TAP completion data for all graduating seniors in the FAFSA Completion Data Portal until June 30, 2021. We encourage your school teams to look at this completion data with a critical eye, and follow up with the seniors who plan to pursue college and need to complete financial aid forms. Sometimes our implicit bias can sneak in– when deciding which students to nudge, be sure to consider how you are systematically supporting and following up with all students, not some. We have to hold ourselves accountable to providing the same level of support and commitment to all seniors. For students who plan to pursue the military and/or enter the workforce, this is the time to help them think about their budget and financial plan after high school.As you continue to support students through this application season, refer to the Milestone toolkit.

Remember, that our duty as educators is to help students tap into their magic and help them articulate their stories. If you need a little inspiration, watch Dr. Chris Emdin video and share it with your students! Below you will find additional resources to support students on their

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