Preparing Students for Transitions and Celebrating Black Lives!

Greetings! The College and Career Planning Team (CCPT), commits to providing you timely updates, student-level data tools and a College and Career Planning Point to support your school community. In this edition, we are focusing on celebrating Black Lives and sharing a professional development series to support juniors and seniors with transitioning. 

Throughout the Spring Semester, our team will be hosting a virtual Strong Match Series to support you with individualized postsecondary planning for your juniors and seniors. The series will provide best practices on providing 1:1 support to help juniors build strong match lists and preparing to submit strong postsecondary applications in the fall of 2021. In addition to delivering 1:1 supports for seniors to make a strong match decision, and navigate the complexities of transition and matriculation. The first sessions will take place Friday, February 26 and Monday, March 1st. Sign-up to receive follow-up information about the series.

As Black History Month comes to close, we want to spread the message of courage and commitment. It should go without saying that Black History goes beyond the month of February. There is a bigger call to action for all of us: continuing to remind our Black students that they matter and that their postsecondary planning dreams matter. We encourage you to continue advocating, incorporating literature and stories that resonate with our Black students inside and outside the classroom, having candid conversations about race with colleagues and most importantly; to continue to push for a more equitable society. A special recognition to all of our Black educators in the field, we honor you and value your contributions. Thank you for all that you do for our students! 

Mar. To-Do List:

Register and attend the Spring 2021: Strong Match Series. At least one team member from every high school is encouraged to attend.
✓ Review College Access for All–High School funding Galaxy deadlines and procedures. The next date to watch for is March 18th when most budget modifications are due.
✓ Request accommodations for students with IEPs and ELLs four weeks prior to the SAT administration.   
✓ Order the exams for SAT School Day. Additional details are available here
✓ Use the FAFSA  and TAP completion data to follow up with seniors who have not completed their financial aid forms. Refer to more resources here.
✓Refer to Postsecondary Planning ToolkitCareer Panel Resource and Career Exploration Student Self Guided Workbooks (available in all 9 DOE languages) for lessons and activities.
✓ Highlight your Career Exploration and CTE Month activities on Social Media and your School website. Use the hashtags #FutureReadyNYC and Tag @NYCSchools. Ensure students have media consent forms before posting.
✓ Celebrate and talk to your students about Black History Month; discuss connections with current events, contributions of Black people in the U.S. and Black innovators around the world.

News you can use Bulletin:

✎ State University of New York Chancellor Jim Malatras announced the elimination of application fees for high school seniors from low-income households applying to SUNY campuses. Beginning on March 1, students who financially qualify for free or reduced-price lunch programs, whose household income does not exceed 185 percent of the federal poverty guidelines, or are from foster families are eligible to apply to up to seven SUNY campuses through, saving up to $350 in application fees per student.
✎ In honor of Black History Month and Career Exploration Month, check out this list of career opportunitiesand scholarships for Black/African Americans. 
✎ This article “America Needs More School Counselors” is a highly suggested read written by the CEO at National Association for College Admission Counseling.
A Washington Post analysis of federal data found that the Education Department has disproportionately selected students from majority-Black and Latino neighborhoods.
✎ Reach Higher is seeking nominations for students and educators to highlight on social media.





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