A group of High School Graduates in blue graduation caps looking left.
Two High School graduates holding up the name of the College they decided to go to.

2021 Decision Day Campaign and Summer Supports for Students

The 2021 Decision Day Campaign will take place from May-June. We will continue to host office hours every Tuesday from 9 am-10 am to provide school staff best practices on Decision Campaign efforts and STARS Postsecondary Tracker technical support. We strongly encourage all school teams to attend these sessions by joining the following zoom link:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/6179480168. You can also refer to the 1:1 to Support Your Postsecondary Decision chapter in the Postsecondary Milestones Toolkit for suggested Decision Campaign activities and resources.

In March, we announced that our team was working in partnership with CUNY, to offer an expanded, city-wide model of College and Career Bridge for All. The recent name change was made to be more inclusive of all students’ journeys. All NYC seniors will have a bridge coach regardless of their postsecondary plan and if not otherwise served by another program. Schools will not need to pay for the program. Two important things to note: entering senior finalized postsecondary plans in the STARS postsecondary Planning tracker system will be even more critical this year, as Bridge coaches will be using the data entered to follow-up with the Class of 2021. Caseload formation is still being determined and more updates on this are forthcoming. In the meantime, sign-up for the Strong Match Series on Friday, 5/7 or Monday, 5/10 to learn more about how the program will work and how you can best support your students as they transition. 

Lastly, the deadline for the Summer Youth Employment program is Friday, April 30, 2021, encourage your students to apply. This opportunity is open to students between the ages of 14-24 and there are virtual opportunities available. We are so grateful for all that you do for our students and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events! 

May To-Do List:

✓ Meet 1:1 with seniors and outreach students who have not yet finalized their plans.

✓ Review your school’s dashboards to see which CUNY applicants have been flagged for verification and to update your seniors information to receive next step text alerts.

✓ Support seniors with advocacy calls for opportunity programs, verification process and assist eligible students in beginning to fill out the NYS DREAM Act eligibility application (which will need to be finalized once students have graduated and can submit evidence of graduation).

✓ Review the 1:1 to Support Your Postsecondary Decision chapter in the Postsecondary Milestones Toolkit for suggested Decision Campaign activities and resources.✓ Visit the CUNY Commitment Deposit Dates and Future Student Enrollment Guide to support admitted students with financial aid, advisement, and support programs.

✓ Plan and execute junior 1:1 meetings to share the action plan for a successful application process next fall.

✓ Enter finalized Senior Postsecondary Plans in STARs.

News you can use Bulletin:

✎ The UFT President Michael Mulgrew and School Counselors Chapter Leader Rosemarie Thompson shared yesterday: the formation of a new corps of counselors, teachers, and supervisors, paid per session, to provide afterschool and weekend one-on-one support via video chat to any interested student across the city. To apply, please send Form OP-175 (review the third page of the posting for instructions). Applications are due by Apr.30.  

✎ Refer to the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)’s search engine to find colleges with open seats and support seniors who are still looking to apply to colleges.

✎  The City University of New York (CUNY) has listed Commitment Deposit Dates for incoming students (ranging from May 1- June 15th). Encourage seniors to send their commitment deposits by the deadline of their school choice.  

✎The New York Youth Civics Initiative (NYYCI)  is a youth-centered social justice platform dedicated to connecting students to sustained civic opportunities, action-based resources and stories from 60+ youth organizations in our network. Students can review this page and fill out this form to learn more.

✎ Share this ASAP | ACE Financial Aid Video with students for guidance on how to complete financial aid forms. The video also guides undocumented students through other financial options, such as the NYS Dream Act.

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