2021 Senior Survey and FREE Advising Sessions

Greetings! The College and Career Planning Team (CCPT) commits to providing you timely updates, student-level data tools and a College and Career Planning Point to support your school community. In this edition, we are focusing on Decision Day Campaign efforts and senior survey for the Class of 2021. 

Student voice is at the center of our work—documenting their plans and asking for their feedback will help us to continue to make significant improvements in the postsecondary planning landscape. Please share this survey link with your high school seniors and encourage them to complete it by June 25. For additional information on administering the survey, refer to the FAQs and/or connect with your College and Career Planning Point

Additionally, we’re partnering with the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) to provide free extra assistance to 11th and 12th graders with college, financial aid applications, and other postsecondary through the College and Career Advising Program. Every 11th and 12th grade student is eligible to make free appointments for 50-minute virtual one-on-one college and career advising sessions with an experienced DOE high school counselor. We are gearing up for a texting campaign with rising seniors to help get them ready for their senior year. Refer to these two flyers UFT & DOE program and next steps text flyer for more information and share them with your students and families. 

Lastly, as you continue to meet with seniors and help them finalize their plans, we encourage you to enter senior plans in the STARS Postsecondary Tracker. If you are experiencing challenges, refer to this Decision Campaign guide or join our Decision Campaign Office Hours on Tuesday at 9am (Zoom link here). We also want to hear from you, please share your resources and Decision Campaign activities in this Digital Yearbook. When highlighting seniors on social media use the following hashtags: #FutureReadyNYC and #IDecided.  

June To-Do List:

✓ Share the UFT & DOE program and next steps text flyer  with your students and families. 
✓ Share this survey link with your high school seniors and encourage them to complete it by June 25.
✓ Meet 1:1 with seniors and conduct targeted outreach to seniors who have not yet finalized their plans.
✓ Support seniors with advocacy calls for opportunity programs, verification process and assist eligible students in beginning to fill out the NYS DREAM Act eligibility application (which will need to be finalized once students have graduated and can submit evidence of graduation).
✓ Update your seniors and juniors contact information on your school dash board to receive next step text alerts.
✓ Attend the Decision Campaign office hours Zoom call on Tuesdays from 9 am -10 am for technical support.
✓ Watch the Strong Match Series Recordings, if you missed any of the four sessions.
✓ Review the 1:1 to Support Your Postsecondary Decision chapter in the Postsecondary Milestones Toolkit for suggested Decision Campaign activities and resources.
✓ Visit the CUNY Commitment Deposit Dates and Future Student Enrollment Guide to support admitted students with financial aid, advisement, and support programs.
✓ Plan and execute junior 1:1 meetings to share the action plan for a successful application process next fall.
✓ Celebrate senior finalized postsecondary plans and enter their plans in STARS.

News you can use Bulletin:

✎ New Visions have released their 2021 Enrollment Guides to support students’ matriculation efforts at 100+ colleges.

✎ Some Higher Education Opportunity Programs (HEOP) still have spots available, encourage your students to inquire.

✎ The 2021 New York State Association for College Admission Counseling (NYSACAC) Annual Conference will be focused around the theme of, “Homecoming: Moving New York Forward.”  Attend the virtual conference from June 8 – 10. 

✎ Co-op Tech’s Fall 2021 application is now available! Deadline to apply is June 11, 2021.

✎ SCOIR is a cloud-based software that connects students, families, high schools, and colleges for a better admissions experience. Sign-up for one of their weekly webinars to learn more about their platform and supports.






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