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March 2022 Support for Students

In this College and Career Planning edition, we focus on affirming students and 1-1 advising support for students. 

The month of March will be crucial as you support seniors and juniors with their postsecondary plans. 

Top Tips

  1. To compliment your work, students can now connect with an online college and career advisor to ask questions after school and on weekends.
  2. The sessions are free for students and the advisors are trained counselors, teachers, social workers from our NYC schools. Share this page with students and families to spread the word about this program.
  3. For more resources visit our website.

March To-Do List 

Events, Resources & Deadlines listed by due dates.

Dates to Remember
  • Encourage seniors to apply for The LIVE OUT LOUD Young Trailblazers Scholarship by March 7. Through this scholarship, LGBTQ+ youth can apply for $5,000 to pay for education-related expenses to pursue a degree from an accredited college, university, or technical/vocational program.
  • Encourage alumni to apply to become Bridge coaches by March 17. College & Career Bridge for All is getting ready to support your seniors as they graduate and transition to their postsecondary plan. We are currently recruiting the best possible Bridge Coaches to support the Class of 2022 with postsecondary planning and matriculation tasks. Use Template recruitment email and  refer to FAQ.
  • Plan for SAT School Day on March 23. Refer to NYCDOE info hub and Postsecondary Planning Toolkit.
  • Use the FAFSA  and TAP completion data to follow up with seniors who have not completed their financial aid forms and support students with verification. Refer to more resources here.
  • Support seniors with advocacy calls for opportunity programs, verification process and assist eligible students in beginning to fill out the NYS DREAM Act eligibility application (which will need to be finalized once students have graduated and can submit evidence of graduation).
  • Plan and execute junior 1:1 meetings to share the action plan for a successful application process next fall.
  • Attend Office hours on Tuesday at 9:30 am  to get postsecondary planning technical support. At least one team member from every high school is encouraged to attend. This upcoming Tuesday will focus on supporting students with disabilities with co-facilitators from the Transition College Access Centers (TCAC).
  • Register for Postsecondary Planning Professional Learning Credential spring offerings.
  • Apply for a grant to attend the New York State Association for College Admission Counseling (NYSACAC) Annual Conference by April 7. This year’s conference will be held June 7-10 at  Utica University. This is an exciting opportunity to reconnect with colleagues who serve college-bound students throughout New York State.

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