The College and Career Planning team (CCPT) transforms NYC high schools and creates system-wide change by removing barriers, supporting staff, and building partnerships to expand postsecondary access and success for all students. CCPT is within the Office of Postsecondary Readiness (OPSR), New York City Department of Education.

Allison Burke
Allison Burke,
Planning Manager

Marisa Castillo,
Planning Manager

Irlene Charestin,
Program Coordinator of Capacity Building

Denise Copeland,
Planning Manager

John Foley-Murphy,
Senior Director of Capacity Building

Norma Feriz-Gordon,
Planning Manager

Jennifer Grunin,
Planning Manager

Kimberly Hall,
Planning Manager

Raymond Johnson,
Planning Manager

Fiona Mulcahy,
Planning Manager

Simone Mikolich,
Planning Manager

Zee Santiago,
Planning Manager

Joshua Steckel,
Senior Planning Manager

Kirsten Harris,
Director College Readiness Supports

Katie Taylor, LINCT
College Readiness Program Manager

Kaity Modesto,
Communications Manager

Candice Horton,
Operations Manager

Melanie Mac,
Executive Director, College and Career Planning

Jon Quintanilla,
Director of Postsecondary Planning Strategy

Stephen Anderson,
Director of Strategic Partnerships