A group of High School Graduates in blue graduation caps looking left.
Summer Institute

About Us

Working alongside schools and K-16 leaders to support postsecondary access and success for every NYC public school student. 

Our Team

Allison Burke
Allison Burke,
Planning Manager, Policy and Implementation

Denise Copeland,
Planning Manager, Policy and Implementation

Jon Quintanilla,
Director of Postsecondary Planning Strategy, Data and Performance

John Foley-Murphy,
Senior Director of Capacity Building, Communications + Coherence

Jennifer Grunin,
Planning Manager, Communications + Coherence

Kimberly Hall,
Planning Manager, Policy and Implementation

Raymond Johnson,
Planning Manager, Communications + Coherence

Simone Mikolich,
Planning Manager, Data and Performance

Zee Santiago,
Planning Manager, Postsecondary Pathways + Partnership

Joshua Steckel,
Senior Planning Manager, Policy and Implementation

Kirsten Harris,
Senior Director, College and Career Success, Postsecondary Pathways + Partnership

Kaity Modesto,
Communications Manager, Communications + Coherence

Candice Horton,
Operations Manager

Melanie Mac,
Executive Director, College and Career Planning

Caresse DevilleHughes,
Director of Pathways

Lynette Lauretig,
Senior Director of Multiple Pathways

Eve Bois,
Director of Multiple Pathways

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